Spouse Visa

An application for a Spouse Visa must be reviewed carefully before submission as these applications are reviewed in minute detail to verify that there is no fraud or wrong intent.

Immigration officials tend to view each application with attention due to the large amount of fraudulent cases submitted each year. This application is often considered very simple by applicants, but the difficulty lies in convincing immigration officials that the marriage is bonafide and has been entered in good faith by both parties. This is one category where the highest amount of fraudulent marriages are discovered prompting immigration officers to review each individual application in great detail.

The interview conducted by an immigration officer, or US Embassy (in case of the spouse being abroad) can be quite strenuous and demanding. The spouse often gets nervous with the questions and may not have all the appropriate documents required at the interview. This can easily create a doubt in the interviewing officer's mind regarding the validity of the marriage.

Often the immigration officer (sometimes randomly) initiates a field investigation to verify the validity of the marriage. They investigate to verify that the marriage was not entered into for the reason of obtaining a work permit, to avoid deportation, or obtain immigration benefits. It is the responsibility of the applicant and spouse to provide all answers and documents so that the case can be approved.

Once you contact our office, we will review your case and guide you through the process until you or your spouse gets their green card.

Attorney Goyal has more than 24 years experience practicing immigration and has completed hundreds of successful cases. We know what it takes to have a case prepared and presented properly and professionally including all relevant documents. If we are not convinced that your marriage is bona-fide, we will not take your case. In fact, we will advise you to avoid complications by not filing the case.

Be prepared that it takes time, effort and knowledge of law to obtain a work permit in a timely fashion without complications. If the interview with the immigration officer is held in the Chicago office, we will accompany you to the interview.

When you or your spouse successfully get a Green Card, it gives us professional satisfaction and a sense of achievement to our staff. It is a matter of pride and often a future referral from you due to our expert guidance that helped you through the green card process leading to a Green Card.