Family Based

We understand the importance of family unity and strive to get your family members in status within the United States based on the various immigrant visa categories.

Immigration law provides provisions for filing petitions for immediate relatives of a U.S citizen or permanent Resident.

In fact Congress has allocated a quota for each category of visa based on the country of the alien's birth. Depending on the number of applicants and the quota for each category, a priority date (date of application) is set listed in the Visa Bulletin issued monthly by the U.S. State Department.

The Visa Bulletin can help estimate how long it may take for the file to mature and be ready for the processing and approval of the case. In certain cases minor children or dependent spouse of the alien may be eligible to accompany the principal alien.

Our law offices have filed and successfully gotten approval for hundreds of family based immigration cases, We understand how important and anxious clients and their relatives get to be together.

We will guide with the complete process including processing at National Visa center in all family based following categories :
F-1 category: Petitioning by U.S. citizen for unmarried sons and daughters
F-2 category : A) Spouse and minor children of Permanent Resident
B) Unmarried sons and daughters of Permanent resident
F-3 category: Married sons and daughters of U.S. Citizen
F-4 Brother and sisters of Adult U.S. citizen

We also have extensive experience filing for Spouse Visas and Fiancé Visas.

Depending upon the type of category, the case can be done in six to twelve months if its minor child, spouse or parent of the US Citizen. Whereas in other cases of siblings or daughter and sons of US citizens it can take 2 years to 10 years or more depending upon the category nationality of the alien.

One can not afford making a mistake or not filing the case with proper documents or fees. A small error can lead to huge delay an processing of the case or a denial.

We strongly recommend that you involve a professional immigration attorney from the beginning of the case before you file with immigration. Even though this appears as a simple process, having 24 years of experience in immigration matters, we can attest that it is in fact an intricate process. Attorney Goyal is very familiar with immigration laws

It may appear as a simple process, however, knowing the Department of HomeLand Security, immigration service centers, US embassies and their procedures by practicing immigration for more than 24 years, we know exactly what immigration laws apply, what is immigration, national visa center and Us embassy looking for in order to approve the case and issue the visa or green card. Not only at the time of filling as well as during the whole process our law offices work very closely with client in reviewing their documents and advising them in advance to be prepared for the details immigration and national visa center will need, we have helped our clients to be prepared for the process. It makes us feel proud of our services at the conclusion of the case when client and their relative get united her in USA, We do get a professional satisfaction and feel accomplishment for the client and their relatives when they become permanent resident of the United States. We can not begin to tell that during 24 years how many families came to our office to say thanks to us and refer their friends or other family members to work on their cases.

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