Employment Based Green Cards (Permanent Residence)

Employment Based Green Cards are based on the nature of employer’s business, job offered, and the qualifications and experience required for the position. Further, the employer must establish that the sponsored employee does have those qualifications and experience.

There are various categories and each category has a quota allocated by immigration determining how many approved cases can process through the final stage of green card. Category E1 has less waiting than EB-1 or EB-3.

Each category has a priority date (means when the case was initiated and which cases are being currently processed) depending upon the place of birth of the sponsored candidate and the category for which the case is filed.

In general, there are three phases involved in filing and processing of (Permanent Residence) green card case. Unless the position offered is exempt from the requirement of the Labor Certification, each employer must do PERM. The filed immigrant petition will be followed by the final stage of adjustment of the status if employee is in the US and fulfills the proper requirements. The file will than be transferred to the US Embassy for processing of the Green Card.

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Our office looks into each individual case and discusses with the employer what category he/she will qualify for. In some categories the Labor certification (PERM) is required.

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