PERM (Labor Certification)

A Laber Certification process commonly known as PERM is required in certain instances of employment based green cards depending on the offered position, qualifications required and possed by the candidate. The employer is required to complete PERM and obtain the certified laber certification before filing the petition for immigration.

PERM is a process involving the filing of theApplication with the U.S Labor Department, placing an advertisement and amongst other requirementsthat the employer has to establish to prove that there is no U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident available for the said position with the required qualifications.

This process can be time consuming and needs precision and expertise. Our office works closely with the employer sponsoring a prospective employee or current employee in H1B status and guides during the PERM process to successfully obtain the Labor Certification from the US Labor Department.

Of course once the Labor certification is done there are other two stages for filing with Immigration Service for the immigrant Visa or adjustment of status